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The Cache Valley Center for the Arts Gallery Walk

color photo“Logan’s downtown art gallery”

Join us for a stroll around Logan’s Historic Downtown every 2nd Friday of every even month.  Each Gallery Walk features fantastic art from world class artist.  The store fronts and historic buildings of Logan’s downtown are one large gallery for the many fascinating art pieces that are displayed.


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June 13August 8October 10December 12
Summerfest at the Logan Tabernacle: VIEW MAP

Fuhriman’s Framing and Fine Art: Colleen Howe Bleinberger, pastel & oil – Summer BountyCome and see Colleen’s vibrant landscapes, floral, and garden scenes in summer.  Aug 8-Sept 20.

Caffe Ibis Gallery Deli: Dianne Siegfreid, Painting

Global Village Gifts: Sabina Zunguze, Jewelry – Fair trade jewelry from poor and rural women in Africa.

Logan Fine Art: Alleman and Verdine, Painting. Joseph Alleman Watercolor & Oil; Ernie Verdine Watercolor, Gouache, and Acrylic. Show: Aug 8-Sep 8.

Logan Library: Watercolor Society Artists. Show: Aug 8-Aug 29.

Mountain Place Gallery: Russ Fjeldsted, Painting, Celebrate Pioneers

Oasis Books: Jerry Funk, Photography & Abstract Photography

Utah Public Radio at the Bullen Center: Andi Jorgensen, Acrylic & Mixed Media – All A-Twitter.  Andi likes painting semi-abstract works that suggest a theme. Using acrylics with some collage suits her purpose in both serious and whimsical ways. Her new work focuses on birds that play and “twitter”.


Caffe Ibis Gallery Deli: Sam Crump, Landscape Photography of Cache Valley and Beyond.

Fuhriman’s Framing & Fine Art: Doug, Dianne, and Ryan Adams, Artistic Resonance. &

Global Village Gifts:  Dan Fields, Percussion.

Joyride Bikes: TBA

Logan Fine Art: TBA

Logan Library: Watercolor Society & Gloria Perez and Community Member Piñatas.  Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.  Latin Guitar Band & Latin Food Provided.

Mountain Place Gallery: Russ Fjeldsted, 435-232-3423.

Oasis Books: TBA

SE Needham Jewelers: Claudia Wright, Anthropologist.  Antorcha, jewelry with culture in mind.

Sunstone Fine Art: Gene Needham.

Thatcher-Young Mansion: Ellen Eccles Theatre Volunteer Usher Corps, Various Mediums including guitar and candy samples.

The Artists’ Gallery: Gallery Members, 2D & 3D mediums, Grand Opening!

The Sportsman: TBA

More info coming soon…

Caffe Ibis Gallery Deli, Fuhriman’s Framing & Fine Art, Global Village Gifts, Joyride Bikes, Logan Fine Art, Logan Library, Mountain Place Gallery, Oasis Books, The Sportsman

More info coming soon…